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Dining in: Our favourite cheap and tasty recipes

by Craig, 27th June 2012

Lots of things take a hit when money’s tight; from new clothes to nights out, our options tend to become sadly limited. One thing that shouldn’t suffer though is your diet though. Food is not only essential, it is essential to enjoy it…even if you’re on a budget!

That’s why, having scowled the internet on your behalf, we’re proud to bring you a selection of delectable dishes which will satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank.

Beef and Mushroom Burgers from

Make your mince go further with the tasty addition of mushrooms. Not only does it cut on fat and calories, but also your pound!  Great for summer BBQs or grilling in the winter, there aren’t many dishes which serve six for less than £5. The recipe is as simple as can be and only takes minutes to prepare. The addition of a chilli or two during preperation adds a special kick, or alternatively, we also recommend mixing it up by putting unmelted cheese into the mince. Try either and we're sure you won't regret it. 

Full recipe here


Cheese and Bacon Lasagne from

This freezable, family-friendly recipe is economical and has a wonderful comfort-food feel about it. Making for a brilliant alternative to the classic beef recipe, this will serve and satisfy six of even the hungriest guests. 

Full recipe here


Bean and Potato Hash with Fried Egg from

You'll be flavour of the month with your veggie friends when you knock up this flavoursome and easy to make potato dish. For those of you thinking this looks a little odd, we can attest ‘til we’re blue in the face that this dish was almost enough to make us term veggie for life; a real surprise if we say so ourselves!

Full recipe here

Cottage Pie from Resourcefulcook.comEnglish classic. A hearty mix of meat and potatoes, this dish will leave you fit to bursting for hours after eating and can’t fail to be enjoyed by even the fussiest eater.

Full recipe here

Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich

Both simpler and more decadent than a chocolate croissant, a grilled chocolate sandwich is a marriage of bread and chocolate in which the two components are evenly matched. If it sounds like children’s food, we tell you to stop being so pompous and just get stuck in! Your taste buds will thank you for it!

Full recipe here